Main Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of certain habits in everyday life that help a person maintain a high level of activity, control the functioning of internal organs and reduce the risk of various diseases. There is a lot of different information on the Internet about what factors can be attributed to this concept. We want to focus only on the most basic ones: – Regulation of stress levels; – Diet and water balance in the body; – Psychological hygiene; – Regime of healthy sleep and rest; – Useful physical activity; – Rejection of bad habits; – Control of body weight.

What Hinders Us?

Compliance with simple (and at the same time complex) rules of a healthy lifestyle allows you to minimize the likelihood of certain diseases. This is a direct path to longevity and maintaining your functional abilities at a high level. Many people these days neglect the recommendations of doctors and nutritionists, which can lead to harmful consequences. One of the global problems of humanity is physical inactivity. This is a mode of low physical activity or, more simply, a sedentary lifestyle. All office workers, drivers, salespeople, teachers, IT professionals suffer from this problem. Our body is designed in such a way that it constantly needs to move. This enables the muscles to receive nutrients and promotes good blood circulation. When you spend more than 6 hours a day sitting, muscle atrophy occurs, excess weight and cholesterol accumulate. This increases the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases: strokes, heart attacks, diabetes. In addition, poor diet and overeating are also “killers” of our health. Eating large amounts of carbohydrate or fat-rich foods slows down metabolism, accumulates excess fat, and increases blood sugar. According to international organizations, today 67% of adults have problems with exceeding the norm in terms of body mass index. The regulation of stress and depression is essential in maintaining health. We are constantly exposed to various stressful situations and if this is not prevented, serious problems can arise. Try to be calm and moderate. Any difficulties in life can be solved if you respond to them correctly. What happens if you adhere to all the recommendations of experts? We have highlighted the most basic advantages of such a solution: – Strengthening metabolism; – Prevention of diseases; – Good physical shape and beautiful slim body; – Slowing down the aging process; – High level of vitality and good mood; – Improvement of all levels and qualities of your body; – Motivation to achieve new goals; – Increased life expectancy; – Increasing physical and intellectual strength.

Healthy Lifestyles Myths

Many people try to find an excuse for themselves by writing various myths about the right lifestyle. Today we will act as myth destroyers and help get rid of them forever. Myth 1: This is very expensive. If you think that healthy living habits are available only to the rich, this is a major misconception. In fact, this is not the case. A balanced diet involves using simple, inexpensive foods. The cost of one green salad will be several times cheaper than the price of a pizza or a fast food hamburger. If instead of drinking alcohol parties you buy yourself one gym membership for a whole month, you will end up saving a lot of money. Moreover, today it is possible to train just outside, so it all depends on the desire. Myth 2: It’s harmful. This opinion appears among people who tried to switch to a healthy lifestyle, but made certain mistakes and this led to poor health. It is definitely necessary to always coordinate any changes in diet or level of physical activity with a specialist. In this case, you will never run into problems. Myth 3: It is impossible to sustain it for long. Another common misconception. Scientists claim that our body is able to adapt and quickly get used to certain circumstances. For this, on average, it is necessary to observe a single regimen for at least 21 days. After that, the brain begins to perceive your habits in eating, exercising and sleeping as normal and there is no longer a desire to disturb the regime again. Myth 4: I know someone who looks good but didn’t follow any rules. As a rule, each of us has some example of a person who eats a lot, drinks alcohol and smokes, but still remains active and cheerful. Firstly, even he himself does not know all the problems that may already exist with health. Secondly, his risk of developing diseases is much higher, especially when everything comes to old age. Findings: Health is the most valuable human resource. It is much more valuable than money, cars, status, or other things that seem paramount to you. If you do not want to go to doctors for the rest of your life, heal your chronic diseases and spend huge sums on expensive procedures – just Love yourself and your body. Take good care of it and enjoy a long life!