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We are glad to present to your attention a unique program of fast fat burning! Use Keto Advanced weight loss supplement and the menu for 5 days to achieve a positive result right now. Numerous helpful reviews about this program testify to its useful properties and benefits.

Note: Below is a sample diet for a ketogenic diet for a week. The menu has been compiled with the assumption that you will be taking capsules Keto Advanced to burn fat as instructed. The food list can be changed and adjusted according to the recommendations of the nutritionist.

Day 1.

Start your morning with 2 boiled eggs and drink a glass of warm lemon water. A snack can be 1 avocado, and for lunch, try a wonderful salad with walnuts, cheese and beef. A small amount of chicken stock is allowed. The next meal is yogurt with the lowest percentage of fat. Use boiled veal, broccoli, or fish for dinner. Make sure in advance that Keto Advanced slimming product buy and take on the first day of the diet.

Day 2.

It’s time to indulge in a more delicious breakfast. The beauty of the ketogenic diet is that you can consume many foods that are prohibited in most other diet programs. Make scrambled eggs and ham or bacon. You can drink unsweetened coffee or green tea. Take a handful of nuts for a snack. Lunch will be very tasty, because at this time you can afford mushrooms with cheese and a plate of green salad. For dinner, the ideal solution would be cottage cheese with sour cream.

Day 3.

Take peanut butter toast and 1 boiled egg. For lunch, treat yourself to a delicious fish soup, and an afternoon snack will be a glass of yogurt. It’s dinner time. Try using meat salad this time. It will also be the perfect solution for maintaining ketosis in the body.

Day 4.

You have already withstood 4 days and this is excellent! Prepare cottage cheese for breakfast, and use cheese and apple for a snack. For lunch, prepare yourself a chicken broth and a boiled egg. This will compensate for the need for protein. Yogurt will be the afternoon snack, but for dinner you can afford medium-rare ribeye veal along with a salad of green vegetables and olive oil.

Day 5.

Breakfast – scrambled eggs from 2 eggs with ham and cheese. Snack – 1 avocado. For lunch, cook baked chicken with green vegetables and asparagus. For an afternoon snack this time, it is best to use nuts and cottage cheese. For dinner, there will be cheese, zucchini.

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