1700 Polish Residents Expect Organ Transplants

October 26 copes World Day of donation and transplantation. Its objectives is to help medical organizations, distribution of donation with maximum utility for the recipients and the legal protection of donors.

Organ transplantation in Poland today – a vital necessity for a growing number of patients, but the percentage of donors plummeted.

Statistical data Polish transplant center (Poltransplant) is proving disappointing: in 2015, officially announced about seven hundred donors in the country, which is a tenth of the yield data of the previous year.

Now, a little less than 1700 Poles are waiting for a transplant. The surgeon Andrzej Kwiatkowski, head of the Polish community of donors, explained that even carrying out the campaign “Living kidney donor” launched in 2011, has not been able to persuade the population to such a solution, as an organ transplant patient family member. The doctor says that the result of five years of work of the Institute of Transplantation and similar institutions the number of donors, living donors were to increase. Unfortunately, the result did not meet expectations.

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