35 Years Old and Skin Care

Every woman wants to look young. But this tedious ensure adequate skin care. It is important to understand that depending on age care is very different.

So how to care for the skin in 35 years?

1. Home care. Home care need to perform every day. This means that in the morning and evening the skin needs to be purified. Once a week, you need to apply a face mask. It should contain in its composition of matter that will prevent wrinkles. Before going to bed, do not forget to apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.
2. Professional Care. Refer to a professional. With it, you can perform the procedures that need to be right for your skin type. Make a schedule and regularly visit a beautician.
3. Makeup. Choose a natural makeup that will make you just younger and more attractive. It is important to remember that before bedtime to wash off cosmetics need.
4. Fitness. Do not forget that sport has a positive effect on the skin. Sign up for a section. Sports – that’s what a woman needs at the age of 35 years!

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