A few tips about apples

It has been repeatedly said that summer is a wonderful time, which allows you to quickly lose weight to everyone.

Truth in the summer, you can also quickly gain extra weight, because at a very high temperature, you always want to drink. And I would like to drink chilled. In the course are such drinks as beer, kvass, cola and others.

Naturally, all of them are very high-calorie and instantly people gain from them a large body weight.

In addition to these drinks, you can also eat very tasty ice cream. But there is a lot of fat and calories in it. Therefore, summer temptation helps to gain a lot of excess weight.

How to lose weight competently?

Today, there are a lot of different diets that allow you to quickly get rid of subcutaneous fat and get a slender body. The most important recipe for losing weight and striving to get a sexual body is calories. It is the calorie content in the ratio spent to used plays an important role in the mass of the human body. Let’s say you eat only fruits a day that do not contain any fat at all. The amount of your daily intake (all conditionally) equals 2500 kcal for men and 2000 kcal for women. And if you spend only 1800 and do not use anything other than fruit, then the excess fructose will not be consumed, which will lead to the formation of fat mass. Therefore, calories are very important.

One of the most interesting products, that is, fruits, is an apple. It is with the help of this fruit that very many people allow themselves to reduce the content of subcutaneous fat to a minimum.

While an apple is a fruit, but it has an average of no more than 50-55 kcal, this fruit can not harm your excess body weight. Even using a kilo of apples, it is very difficult to get from them a daily calorie rate.

Very many bodybuilders try to use apples, especially green ones, to dry their muscles before the competition period. But this is not really the main thing for apples. Apple is not one of the most leading food products, which boasts the presence of large numbers of vitamins. But the amount of vitamins contained in it, the apple is the leader among most foods and fruits. If every morning start with apple puree, but only after a time to have breakfast or, at least, use two apples for half an hour of eating, then a considerable part of the fats will be broken down by malic acid. It is for this reason that an apple is often used for people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular by weak digestion, to help digest food. But you need to be sure that you do not have problems with gastritis or ulcers.

Since these diseases do not recommend eating an apple on an empty stomach. The risk of increased acidity in the stomach can provoke the severity of these diseases. In this case, it is much better to eat baked apples, having previously cleaned them from internal pits and cutting off the outer peel. Thus, every day to eat an apple, and preferably apple puree from two green apples, you reduce fat intake by 30%. In addition, if you consume one apple a day before meals, this will significantly affect your body weight in order to get rid of excess.

Is there any harm from apples?

Like any other food or fruit, an excessive amount of apple fruit consumed can cause negative qualities in a person. If a person suffers from intestinal colitis, bloating, or gastritis with an ulcer, it is best for him to consume only green fruits in the liver state.

The presence of fiber in apples provokes gas formation. But in the baking state, the apple itself practically does not lose its qualities, but does not cause the formation of gases and does not increase the acidity in the stomach. The apple itself is hypoallergenic.

Among the mass of gastroenterologists, there are no reported cases, so that a person empties from the apple or negative reactions take place on the body. In the rest, it is hardly difficult to find anything harmful in this wonderful product, which, in addition, is used for the treatment of malignant diseases.

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