A Healthy Liver

Everyone knows how important it is to the liver in the body work properly and without interruption. The body is very important because it carries a very important function – detoxifies foreign substances in the body. Kinda – this filter.

But what if the liver is failing? In this case, it is not necessary to self-medicate, you should immediately consult your doctor for help.

But how to recognize the first signs that the liver is no longer working as it should? What are the manifestations may be?

1. Protein eye can acquire a yellow tint.
2. Pain in the right upper quadrant.
3. The darkening of the urine.
4. Poor appetite.
5. Fatigue.
6. Nausea and vomiting.
7. Skin Itching and redness of the palms.

This is the most common signs of liver disease.

As mentioned above, at the first sign of the disease, should immediately refer to a gastroenterologist.

But, what can a person do on your own?

It is important to adjust the diet. This means that you need to give up eating fried, fatty and smoked foods. Eat foods in boiled and baked form. Meals should be fractional. It is worth noting that an experienced doctor also will paint as you eat right. Be healthy!

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