A Little Information about Rats

Everyone at least once in my life seen a rat. Let’s just say, not the most pleasant sight. Especially hard rodents are afraid of women. The most disgusting part – is the tail. Though why he does not like so much. Maybe because it is not human? For the rat it has an important function. With it, it is easier to maintain balance.

I want to immediately say that many people underestimate the rats. This is a very intelligent animals. That is why, sometimes, it happens from them so difficult to get rid of if they are settled in your home or garage.

It should be noted that the rats communicate with each other. The sound man does not catch. Most often they transmit information to each other about the danger or joy. Remarkably, in their language, the sound is very different (to the conclusion drawn by researchers of the United States).

Once the rats are very good at remembering all their movements. That’s why they can always find food. They seem to reproduce the movie in reverse. If the rat at least once found food in a bowl on the table, then it will come back again and again.

Yes, maybe people are afraid of rats because they are not very beautiful appearance. But they must be respected, because they are really smart and cunning.

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