A Rational Approach to Nutrition

In today’s world the free flow of information, people are confused, what is useful, what is harmful. The main source of this “information noise” are many non-professional opinion that tell the audience the recommendations are not based on real research and arguments. This is a road to nowhere.

How to resist this process?

The answer may seem very strange. Everywhere feel the so-called “golden mean”, which tells the man that he did not do so. In fact, this is the work of human intuition, which is to listen carefully to what few people know how to do properly.

No one can say for sure that the person is useful for this, and what is harmful. And this uncertainty, it is important to involve your mind, your thinking system that heavily bribed by or affect it on the basis of any plans.

The most important advice to you would be – to use their own thoughts, analyze and come to some decision. We believe that the only way a person can achieve success.

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