A Strong Immune System in Winter

In winter, difficult to find someone who at least once did not ill with a cold. This disease is not dangerous, but do not want to hurt anyone. So, how prevention can give, not to get sick in the winter?

1. Vitamins. In winter, it is extremely important to eat fruits and vegetables. These substances needed by the body to resist viruses and bacteria. In addition, it is necessary in general to eat properly. That is to eat meat, fish, cereals. If the diet is balanced, then the disease will bypass your family party. From the unhealthy foods should be discarded. These include mayonnaise, ketchup, fatty, smoked and fried food.
2. Walking. It is important to frequently go to fresh air. This means you need more than a walk in the park or play fun games (hockey). Active lifestyle – perfectly strengthens the immune system.
3. Airing. The room should always be clean air. To do this, it needs to be aired more often.
4. Stress. Stress greatly depresses the immune system. Try to protect yourself from the negative and bad thoughts.

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