Abstinence or debauchery – which is more useful?

In some countries, there is a rule that abstinence is useful up to a certain age or for some reason.

Is it really so? After all, if you consider the rejection of sexual life, as a psychological disease and the possible consequences of such behavior for health, you can open enough interesting facts for yourself. It turns out that it is not so bad to lead a loose life as compared to abstinence. After all, with illegible sexual relations, it is only necessary to carefully guard against diseases that are sexually transmitted, but what happens to the body in case of a targeted refusal of sex can be judged from the following symptoms.

Signs that appear in the case of abstinence from sex

1) Problems with urination. It turns out that during sex, women train pelvic floor muscles that do not allow urination to occur at a time when this is not necessary. Therefore, the more sex in a woman’s life, the healthier she will feel.
2) High blood pressure. In many cases, it is sex that helps maintain blood pressure in the human body at a normal level. This can be an excellent incentive for those who have problems with this site of health. After all, what can be more pleasant than sex, which, in addition, also heals?
3) Vaginal dryness appears. If a woman takes herself too long to enjoy herself in loving pleasures, she can get such a negative consequence as the appearance of vaginal dryness. This is due to the fact that the body actually forgets that it is necessary to develop a natural lubricant and refuses to do this in the subsequent time.
4) The risk of a heart attack increases. Scientists have been able to scientifically confirm, with the help of many studies and observations, the fact that with regular sex, a person has a double chance of developing a heart attack. Therefore, do not deprive yourself of pleasure in sex, at least for your own heart.
5) Depression. It is worth considering that depression can arise from the fact that a person does not have a sexual partner or has something that does not work out in bed. But at the same time, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to have sex more often. Such a vicious circle can be cut only if you become a more persistent and self-confident person who does not waste time on unnecessary thinking, but enjoys sex and the process itself. Depression can easily be eliminated if you do not pay special attention to it, and it’s better to spend that time studying new poses or fantasies about the upcoming evening of love and sex.
6) Problems with memory. During sex, a person starts to develop new brain cells that help improve memory. This suggests that those who are engaged in abstinence from sex are much more absent-minded and forgetful than those who regularly experience the maximum level of enjoyment from such activities.

Sex is a natural way to relieve stress

Every year more responsibilities and reasons are imposed on a person in order to experience stressful sensations. But, if in the evenings to take off your inner psychological tension with the help of sex, then such people will never be affected by the negative consequences of this condition.

After all, stress can cause many diseases, in some cases, even mental disorders and in order to prevent this in your life, it is just necessary, as often and more, have sex.

Let yourself be debauched in bed with your husband, who is just waiting for his woman to find the courage to do with him what he dreams about. This behavior will help not only to strengthen health from sex, but also relationships that, after several years of marriage, can undergo a period of stagnation. One must always succumb to one’s inner desires and not forbid the natural instincts to do what they are created for. After all, it was nature that rewarded us with sexual desire and opportunity, which means it did not just happen.