Adaptation to Old Age

No one is immune from old age. And as you know, time runs inexorably. Do not have time to look back, as the children grow up, and already you will celebrate the jubilee for the anniversary.

Old age comes unexpectedly (as it were trite, it did not sound). At such times a person feels sowing absolutely helpless. It seems that life ended in an instant.

In this regard, I want to give a few tips that will help you survive this difficult period in your life.

If it’s time for you to retire, do not rush it. When a person works, he lives. The collective, various kinds of events – all this allows a person to feel needed. If a person immediately retires, then he may experience severe depression. This is due to the fact that a person does not feel useful and necessary for society.

I would like to turn to children now. Never forget your parents. In old age they are especially vulnerable. Call them more often, come visit, talk. Elderly people are very much lacking communication and attention.

Take care of your dear parents!

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