Advantages of living in the forest

A person, by his natural call, always strives to live where his roots lie. And if it is possible to notice so, most of us aim at the forest not just because they want to feel calm and solitary, but also because their ancestors once lived there.

After all, genes are quite a complicated thing and it’s almost impossible to rebuild, so if you feel an irresistible urge to move out of a big city to live in the forest, it’s possible that one of your distant relatives was a forester or lived your whole life in the forest . Therefore, in order not to injure your psyche and let your soul calm down completely, you must certainly buy a site in the forest and build your own house there.

It is worth very carefully consider the option of life, when you will be surrounded by wild nature.

But in contrast to city bustle, when you wake up in the morning from the fact that neighbors scream at each other, and when you enter the yard you can get a charge of negative emotions from talking with grandmothers who constantly strive to teach you life, in the forest, that you will feel the morning coolness and endless songs of birds. Staying in the forest makes you completely reconsider your life schedule and it is likely that you will even have the opportunity to make morning jogging along forest trails. After all, there is nothing better than doing exercises, when you are surrounded by nature and clean air, which is difficult to breathe after the city smog.

The reasons for giving priority to the forest

Due to the fact that the forest is always wet, it contributes to a good harvest of various fruits and vegetables. And also it is worth paying special attention to fruit trees that will please you with their fruits from year to year. So, on your own forest plot, it is possible to create ideal conditions for life and with a great desire to get out into the city only when you need something from food. After all, the health of a person who constantly works for the joy of himself in his own garden is strengthened and becomes much better, and those diseases that in the city did not let them feel like a happy person will necessarily disappear by themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything possible as quickly as possible in order to quickly move to live outside the city and establish a family nest there. Let the house where you live will be somewhere in the woods’ wilderness, so that even the sound of passing cars can not be heard, because then your soul can get complete peace.

And if the soul lives in harmony, then health will improve. When you begin to breathe clean air, to eat the food that was grown in your garden, it becomes absolutely clear that health will only improve.

All thoughts that were previously considered alarming, will now come in order and will fall into place. In general, the forest, very often brings peace of mind, and this in most cases occurs after you begin to feel part of nature, and also realize that there is nothing more important than how much you love nature and yourself. Therefore, in order not to limit oneself in what is called taking care of one’s own health, one should definitely come to the forest as often as possible. And if you will notice that there you are much better and more comfortable than, for example, in your own apartment in the city, it means it is high time to move as far as possible from a densely populated place of residence.

How can you force yourself to go to live in the forest?

Human health is always on the verge between choosing from where you will live and how to work. And if your workplace is not tied to a particular place of residence, then all the more it is not necessary to go to where there will be pure air, constant peace and tranquility. After all, long live exactly those who never get nervous. And the more you spend your inner forces on what is happening in the district, the shorter your life becomes. So it is worth as often as possible to get out to rest, where you will be well and soul and body.

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