Allergy to Dust

Today, more patients are coming to the doctors with a complaint – an allergy to dust. This is a serious problem, because dust is everywhere. It is almost impossible to hide from it.

So you need to figure out how you can help people with this problem ?! The most terrible thing is not the dust itself, but the microbes (mites) that live in it.

If you did not know, then cleaning should also be done correctly. What is it?

1. Bed linen. Regular washing of bed linen will help to get rid of ticks forever. Wash best at 60 degrees Celsius. Dry on the street. Before you put the thing in the closet, do not forget to pat it.
2. Mattresses. Every two weeks it is necessary to knock out mattresses, and to dry pillows.
3. Curtains. If we talk about curtains, then they need to be washed once in 4 weeks.
4. Windows. Every week, wipe the windows from dust.
5. Wet cleaning. Every 3 days, arrange a wet cleaning. After this, always ventilate the room.

Remember, dust is difficult to see with the naked eye. But this does not mean that it does not exist.

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