Allergy to the Sun

At present, you can meet more people who are faced with such disease as allergies. The disease is simultaneously simple and complex. The whole point is to identify the allergen. If this is done, then the disease will be. But in this and all the complexity evident. Allergen difficult to identify. And if it can be done, then remove it 100% impossible.

So, let’s see how behaves allergic to the sun?

The most common symptoms: peeling, rash, redness, itching. In most cases the above symptoms occur in most people. But more often this illness affects people with fair skin, small children and pregnant women.

How to treat?

1. Specialist. To alleviate symptoms of the disease need to go to the hospital.
2. Panthenol. You can put the cream with Pantel, it will soothe the skin.
3. Drugs. If the allergy is due to medication, then you need to stop taking them.
4. Clothing. The affected seats should be hidden under clothing.
5. Traditional methods. To the affected area, you can make tea bags or cold.

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