Alternative to a personal computer

It’s hard to imagine that a person will already give up computer technology. Most of the most innovative and modern complexes operate exclusively under software control. A person simply looks at the correct operation of the software and monitors the computer’s performance. Automated systems began to be replaced by a more productive, accurate and qualitative labor system of people. The truth is for this, the harm seems to be that the human work is taking a back seat, but no, just people have to change the level of qualification. If earlier an accountant had to keep different forms or formulas in his head, then today he must be able to take advantage of the computer’s software package to enable the automation of accounting for many objects. That is, jobs for people are gradually moving into computerization. And someone who does not retrain to work on the computer, in the future may lose his workplace or be demoted. It is for this reason that people are obliged to constantly engage in self-study. If it is very difficult, then you can use additional courses, as well as webinars, to get a new source of knowledge. Such a great introduction prepares a person that it will be the business sphere in which it is also very important to organize a workplace and at the same time to save as much as possible.

Smartphone is an effective assistant and an excellent tool for work

Probably, if your age is not more than 40 years, you realize that a smartphone is a device, the same as a computer. It runs under the operating system, and also has a lot of software for office work. Even Microsoft itself develops software for mobile devices, since when a person goes to different meetings, or the conference is for him, he can prepare for them better if he has these programs and a smartphone. It’s just that, anyway, it’s not convenient to work on a small screen. Although, when a person is in expensive, this is the ideal solution for him. And here, as to the arranged place. Supporters of computers will say the same to Tutu that in our time there are laptops that are very convenient to use. It’s a yes. And now imagine that a smartphone can also be used as a workstation, on which it is allowed to perform many different tasks. In today’s smartphone, especially from the premium segment, there is always the availability of the latest versions of the operating system and productive processing power. So, in top-end devices there is support for USB-OTG, which allows connecting a keyboard and mouse without problems. In this case, if they are wireless, the wireless adapter is simply inserted into the OTG connector and the smartphone detects them immediately. To transfer the image to the screen, you also need a cable, only for this it is desirable to have HDMI. Naturally, it is possible and through the USB interface, but then the image can be out of sync. And since the HDMI connector on smartphones is not common, and USB is already occupied by OTG, it is best to use special docking stations or adapters, in which both the keyboard, mouse and monitor are connected. Moreover, gradually, the connection of the monitor or TV to the smartphone via the cable, go out. They are replaced by Miracast or Google Cast technologies, which is quite convenient. No cables are needed to display real-time images on the screen.

It is convenient always and everywhere

Yes, while this is not an ideal option for work. But as a temporary one – it will be perfect. Examples of the use of such can be numerous. Imagine that your office laptop is left at work, and you need to change the work a little. Houses on the computer are children. Exit: connect the smartphone to the TV, connect the keyboard and mouse, run Word and perform what you need. In the near future, mobile technologies will displace large computers. After all, the computing power of a smartphone is quite enough to perform even more complex tasks today.

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