Currently, the most popular fruit is apple. It can be seen on the table almost every family. However, few people think so useful this fruit for health.

One small apple – is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

It can help you overcome this disease as anemia.

Yet it contains a lot of fiber. If you have problems with bowel movement, then you need to be sure to eat 2-4 apples a day.

If you sit on a diet, then you just have to eat apples. In addition, late in the evening you can always eat an apple, without fearing for their figure.

Now, many people are faced with such a disease as cancer. If you regularly eat this fruit, the risk of oncological diseases can be reduced by several times.

If you are working mentally, then eat apples. They perfectly helps the brain.

For teeth apples are also indispensable. It strengthens the gums and tooth enamel to protect against damage.

So, if you did not eat apples before, then you need to start doing it as soon as possible. Do not be ill!

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