Application of Lemon in Cosmetology

Today every woman seeks to use more and more natural substances as cosmetic products. The fact of the matter is that a lot of chemical substances are included in the plant’s products, and this affects the skin condition badly. To protect yourself from any problems, try using lemon. It will be found in every housewife in the refrigerator and the price is quite low.

So, how can it be applied?

If the nails lost their luster and began to turn yellow, then lemon juice will come to the rescue. It should be rubbed into the nail 2 times a day. The result will be visible in a week.

If you want the face mask to have a whitening property, add a few drops of lemon into it. Just do not need to add too much juice – 2-3 drops will be enough.

Lovely women, we have at hand a lot of products that you can safely use in cosmetology. Study this question. Bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers are also great for using face masks. Do not ignore the folk remedies.

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