Applying a Dark Lipstick

291120167Every woman wants to go into fashion over time. Therefore, you should always follow the latest novelties.

Now it is very fashionable to put lipstick on the lips dark shades. But everything has its own nuances. So, how to do everything correctly and without errors ?!

1. Wax. If the upper lip have excess hair, then they must be removed. Dark lipstick always attracts more attention to the face.
2. Exfoliate. If lips peel, they need to prepare for the application of the dark lipstick Please apply lip scrub, so that they become more smooth. After that you need to cover the mouth hygienic lipstick. The final touch – dark lipstick.
3. Color. Before buying a lipstick, you need to choose the right color. It will look nice lipstick on your face, depending on the skin and hair color.
4. Pencil. If you choose to use dark lipstick, then circle the lip pencil. So lipstick will not slide on the edge of his lips.
5. Balance. If you have decided to clearly highlight the lips, then the eye makeup should be less noticeable.

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