Applying Foundation

At present, many women use creams. It is the means by which you can make the face of freshness and beauty. But before you start using it, you need to know some details of its use. Otherwise, you will look to put it mildly, apply beautiful.

So, how to apply foundation?

1. Cream. Before you put on your skin cream foundation, it is necessary to cover the moisturizer. If you are an owner of dry skin, then you need to add more and nourishing cream. Thus, applying the layers are as follows: a nourishing cream, moisturizer and tone.
2. Application. The scheme of drawing is this: from the center to the edges. The movements must be circular. Happy foundation can be applied only to the center.
3. Portions. The cream should be applied gradually. If you just put a lot of foundation on your face, your appearance will be unnatural. Moreover, it is likely that can stain clothing.

Beautiful woman always like men. Watch for their appearance and from the fans will not rebound.

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