Apricot and its properties

In summer, a lot of fruits and berries are ripening. All of them, without exception, are very useful and help a person repair the deficit of vitamins, which he used up all winter. However, there is, a fruit, which I want to touch on for a bit more. This is apricot.

Apricot, something like a peach. It has an orange color and contains a bone inside the fruit. Apricot is a very nutritious and valuable fruit. Nutritionists say that taking apricot daily people with digestive problems can avoid many problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Truth and overdoing is not worth it. After all, this fruit taking in large amounts has many nutritional elements and can disrupt the stomach.

Experts say that apricot is very useful for cardiovascular diseases. It significantly reduces cholesterol in the blood, cleans the vessels of cholesterol plaques, supports the entire body in tone, and also gives a huge amount of fiber.

In addition, this berry has a very pleasant and delicate taste. Apricot is very popular with all children. Taking only 5-7 apricots, a child can quench his hunger for a couple of hours.

Everyone can get up early

The habit of early waking up of the body is quite a rare phenomenon among citizens who live in megacities. However, much less can be found in villages or villages. More often it can be connected with the fact that in these places a person needs to do a lot of work before the heat comes. Therefore, their rise at 6:00 am is quite natural and normal.

However, in large cities, this is difficult for many people to achieve. And the reason lies in the man himself. More often than not, it’s hard for people to wake up early, because they go to bed late. For a normal rest, a person needs a sleep of at least 7 hours a day. And time – it should begin no later than 0:00. The main thing is to train oneself to think at the right time and everything will turn out.

Also do not lie in bed looking at your smartphone. The backlight of the screen adversely affects the sleep hormone through the perception of it through the eyes.

When the alarm is ringing, do not transfer the time for a few minutes ahead. Hormones do not have time to stand out and only slow down the body that is trying to sleep.

Try immediately after the alarm clock to open your eyes, slide off the bed to the washstand and wash yourself with cool water.

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