As Follow Hands in Winter

1211164Women, in order to at any age to be beautiful, agree even on the surgery, not representing what is sometimes a danger they can carry.

However, if a person can change the hands always give out the real age, so from a young age is necessary to monitor their condition. During washing, dishwashing and cleaning is recommended to use rubber gloves as using chemicals, arms exposed irritation, and sometimes the emergence of allergies.

With the change of weather when the outdoor temperature is low or high winds, our hands are also subject to chapping, which is why the skin begins to peel off and come pathogenic cracks.

To prevent this from happening, you should use the mittens, but if all the same you could not protect the skin, in such cases, you will scrub for hands, it can be made from olive oil with the addition of sugar.

You can use creams, while, in the cold season to choose more saturated varieties, but it is worth remembering that they should not be applied before you decide to go into the fresh air.

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