As the Winter to Keep Yourself in Good Shape

15111612With the arrival of cold winter, as a rule, people have reduced activity, metabolism slows down, so more and more sleepy, even in the daytime.

The first thing you need to do sports, for which it is not necessary to visit gyms, but rather runs in the morning, despite the weather conditions.

Also, it is recommended as far as possible to give up public transport, and to get to and from work or school on foot. An important factor is diet, as at this time of the year you must include in your diet as much as possible of fish and meat products, giving preference to poultry.

Usually in the winter there is little sunshine, moreover, they are shorter than summer, so the lack of light adversely affects the health. Do not miss the opportunity to visit most sunny days on the street. As for sleep, it is recommended to go to bed no later than 22.00 hours, because a dream is considered the most useful.

In addition, it is not necessary to abandon the warm drinks, not to confuse them with the “intoxicating”, giving preference to green tea and medicinal tinctures.

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