Athlete’s Foot

Sweating feet – it is a nasty problem that may be faced by both men and women. This means that sometimes it is a shame to take off your shoes, because as soon as they hear all around unpleasant smell. Yes, the situation is meticulous. But there is no such a situation from which you can not find a way out.

But do not be upset. It is necessary to try to cope with the problem.

1. Soap. Twice a day you need to wash your feet with antibacterial soap. After washing the feet need to dry it thoroughly. It is important to observe good personal hygiene.
2. Baby powder. You can always use baby powder. She copes with sweating feet.
3. Clothing. Try to change socks, tights daily. Things should always be clean. Choose only clothes made of natural fabrics.
4. Shoes. Choose shoes only natural. Shoes should pass air. Do not forget to regularly wash the shoes, not only outside but also inside.
5. Baths. It is useful to take a foot bath with herbs (sage, oak bark, horsetail).

Remember that cleanliness and personal hygiene – is the key to health and beauty.

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