Autumn Exacerbation of Gastritis

In autumn very often there is an exacerbation of chronic diseases. It should be noted that during this period it is necessary to be especially cautious and attentive people who have an anamnesis gastritis.

What precautions should be taken?

1. Nutrition. You need to restrain yourself in nutrition. This means that the use of fried, smoked and spicy dishes can not be out of the question. You can also add conservation to this list. It is best to boil food and eat in small portions. Chew each piece in the most thorough way.
2. Attitude. The most important thing is to believe that everything will be fine. In the presence of any disease, the patient’s mood plays an important role. Doctors always say that recovery by 50% depends on the mood of the patient.
3. The doctor. Regularly visit a gastroenterologist. Pass necessary inspections. In general, watch your health.

If you follow the recommendations, the exacerbation of chronic gastritis will bypass you. Do not be ill!

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