Autumn Procedures

Holidays and summer passed very quickly. Now it’s time to freshen up.

Everybody knows that the body is experiencing a huge load in summer. The same applies to the skin, hair. Coda can become more dry and dull hair. This is a problem that must be addressed.

So, how to clean up after the summer season? This is no big deal. The main thing is to find a bit of time and everything will definitely come back to normal.

1. Hair. In the sun, the hair can burn out. To avoid this, you need to wear a hat. But be that as it was not the hair you want to restore. To do this it is best to use specially selected shampoos and masks oil-based.
2. Leather. In summer, the sun is shining very brightly. In this regard, a skin drying could occur. As we know, the sun’s rays – is the main enemy of women. It is because of this appear early wrinkles. To help the skin cope with the load, you need to thoroughly moisturize the skin. For this perfect olive oil. It means number one.

Lovely woman, always be beautiful!

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