Bad Breath

241120161Bad breath – now this is a fairly common problem. The reasons can be mass pathology. If this problem occurs, then you need to seek help from a doctor. With the help of a specialist can confirm or deny this or that disease.

If these or other diseases are excluded, then you need to take care of oral hygiene. So what should you do?

1. Water. With water you can freshen breath. To do this, you must drink a glass of clean water without gas. The water will change the acid-base balance, and saliva become active stand.
2. Chlorophyll. With freshener mouth with chlorophyll content, you can easily get rid of bad breath. Chlorophyll has a different release forms (tablets and capsules).
3. Chewing gum. You can always buy the chewing gum. But always buy the product without sugar.
4. Spices. With spice (cinnamon, clove) may be within a few minutes to freshen breath. Do not forget parsley. It is an ideal and cheap way to freshen breath.

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