Bad Habits for Hair

301120163Every woman wants to have a healthy and beautiful hair. Everybody knows that the hair – is the main weapon of the woman. From these men are just crazy.

However, the cause of bad hair is something that many women provide them with improper care.

So, what habits are harmful for the hair?

1. Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo – is the ideal solution to quickly bring the oxen in order. On it appeared the market recently. Use it to quickly clean hair from excess fat. Harm does not bring it, if you use it too often.
2. Heat. Limit your use of hair dryer. In addition, it is important when drying the hair dryer is not set to the highest temperature. Yes, it is less convenient, but the hair will be healthier.
3. Laying on damp hair. You can never style your hair until they are dry. That wet hair is very easy to injure.
4. Tight tail. Tight tail is very harmful for the hair, because it is able to pull the smallest hair.

Woman with beautiful hair can be. The main thing to know some secrets!

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