Bad Habits for Skin

There is no woman who would not follow the state sovey skin. Nobody wants to look like in 30 to 40.

But it happens that a woman has a habit that cause irreparable harm skin. Although the woman did not even realize.

So, from what should be discarded?

1. Swimming. Everybody knows how useful voyage to human health. No one disputes this fact, but it is always necessary to remember that the water in the pool is chlorinated. Chlorine – a chemical that has a negative impact not only on the skin, but also to human bodies.
2. Removing makeup. How would you not want to sleep at night, you need to wash off makeup from the face. Never make exceptions.
3. Hairspray. If for fixing hairstyles you use hairspray, then it should be done carefully. If you get nail polish on the skin rash may occur.
4. Phone. On the mobile phone, millions of bacteria live. And you lean against it to his face. Once a week – treat the phone with alcohol.

Lovely woman, love yourself and be beautiful.

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