Bad habits interfere with being beautiful skin

Quite often, in order to change the condition of your skin, you need to pay attention to exactly what your daily behavior is.

After all, it depends on how often there will be rashes, which somehow prevent to look beautiful at any age. Therefore, before you once again touch the skin with dirty hands, you need to think several times what effect this can have. Many dermatologists, together with makeup artists, are confident that the woman most often creates problems herself.

Because the fact that a girl does not properly treat her appearance, it can depend on how often she will try to use a foundation or powder. But there are some very simple rules that you should follow and then your skin will look just perfect.

What prevents the skin from being healthy and beautiful?

1) A large number of wet wipes. It is the fact that wet wipes kill our skin is simply impossible to deny. Of course, if you use them in nature or when traveling in transport, it is hard to find more convenient things. But for daily use, they do not fit. Therefore, you need to try to do everything in such a way as to reduce the number of used wet wipes to cleanse the skin of the face.
2) Drink latte and cappuccino in the morning. It turns out that it is not the coffee that is harmful for the skin, but the milk that is added to it. Therefore, if you try not to eat milk and dairy products, then it is likely that a period may come when your skin will become perfectly smooth and clean, which will significantly change your appearance. A lot of people who have lactose intolerance, which causes the appearance of rashes.
3) Frequent touching hands. In general, the less often the girl touches her face, the better for him. But, as often happens, we do not even notice how to prop the cheek during a boring occupation or when sitting not too comfortable. At this moment, the microbes are transferred to the skin of the face from the hands and begin to spoil it. This, quite an innocent habit, can inflict tremendous harm to the skin, so it’s worth watching for yourself and with your own hands.
4) A small drink. The less a woman drinks pure water, the worse her skin looks. It is worth noting that there is nothing more difficult for our skin than to survive dehydration. At this point, it becomes dry enough and can even crack, which will cause microcracks, which can fester at any moment.
5) Bad pillow. Who would have thought, but it is the pillow that can cause the skin on the face to look too bad. After all, the fact that feather and down pillows are breeding grounds for mites and other animals that can bite at night can not be overlooked. Of course, ideally, you should buy a pillow based on synthetic fibers that are easy to wash. But at the same time, we must not forget that pillowcases need to be changed every two days. Or every day in the morning iron the pillow with a hot iron, which will reduce the number of bacteria on it, and also significantly improve the appearance of your skin.

What can cause irritation?

Sometimes, too hard water from the tap can cause minor damage to the skin, which will cause the skin to turn red and deteriorate. Also improperly selected cosmetics sometimes also have a negative effect on the skin condition. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful than you smear your face on the night and what effect you get after that.

In most cases, only a few creams really fit the skin and give it a feeling of youth and beauty.

It is necessary to pay tribute to the fact that to rejuvenate your skin and give it a more beautiful shine, women are ready for many changes in their habitual diet, as well as lifestyle. For this, they try to exercise as often as possible, to breathe fresh air and to use only useful food. So for the beauty of the skin, it is still worth fighting.

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