Bad Haircut

Every woman visiting hairdresser. All the ladies want to have a beautiful hairstyle and hair color. A woman who takes care of herself, regularly visits the barber.

In this case, it is important to find a good master who understands what you need with a few words. Undoubtedly, this is an ideal embodiment. It so happens that everything is going well, but in the end – result is simply abysmal.

What can we do to customers who have cut bad? Unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon.

1. Do not pay. If you are not satisfied with how your hair cut, you can not pay the money. This is perfectly legal.
2. Administrator. Urgent call the administrator, who will listen and take note of all your claims.
3. Complaint. It is important to write a complaint, which will be certified. It must specify: a reference to the law, the amount of material damages and compensation. After that you can warn the master that you can find a compromise, and not to bring the case to court. As if there was not, so it is impossible to leave the business. If the wizard is not able to qualitatively carry out their work, then it needs to make room for more highly qualified personnel.

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