Be Careful, Herpes!

Many people do not by hearsay know what herpes is on the lips. The situation is quite unpleasant, but there’s nothing to be done. With the disease you need to fight. To do this, most often use antiviral tablets or ointments. Everyone should get advice from a doctor to choose the right treatment tactics.

Now some statistics.

The virus lives in almost 90% of the world’s population, and 30% – it regularly manifests its relapses. I must say that such disappointing figures are due to the fact that the virus is easily transmitted from person to person. The virus can transmit during sexual contact, by airborne droplets and personal hygiene items. Even a simple kiss can lead to such an unpleasant disease. In other words, if a person lives in the house and has a herpetic eruption on the lips, then most likely all family members will also have herpes. This is simply inevitable.

The only thing that can be advised in this case is to strengthen immunity. If he is ill, then he can easily overcome the virus. Eat well, play sports and walk more outdoors.

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