Beautiful Clothes During Pregnancy

061220166Every woman wants to be beautiful during pregnancy, because it is a special period in the life of every woman.

But now the clothing is expensive and does not really want to spend a huge sum of money to put on a dress a few times.

So, what can be worn during pregnancy?

1. Tunic and a free T-shirt. In pregnancy, no T-shirts and tunics simply can not do. This dress is suitable and under jeans and under shorts.
2. Sport pants. Without sports pants during pregnancy simply can not do. They are comfortable and thus it is possible to adjust the lace through the belt width. Do not over-tighten the abdomen. Any clothes you should be comfortable.
3. Underwear. Underwear should be natural (cotton, linen). This will save you from many troubles.
4. Socks. No need to wear stockings and socks on tight elastic bands, as this is bad for blood circulation.
5. Shoes. From high heels during pregnancy should be abandoned, as it may cause increased uterine tone. The shoes should be low and comfortable sole.

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