Beautiful Face

Every woman wants to be special for her man. It is absolutely natural desire. But to always be on top, you need to take care of yourself. In other words, to provide the facial skin constant and careful care.

So how do you do it?

1. The broth parsley. From time to time you need to drink a decoction of parsley to remove excess fluid retention.
2. Make-up. You should never go to bed with the remnants of makeup on her face. It needs to be thoroughly washed off.
3. Shower. The most useful thing may be to the skin, it’s a douche. Do not wash in very hot water, as it is very dry skin.
4. Eyes. Once a week on the eyes need to apply a compress of tea.
5. Facial skin. For facial skin has always been healthy, do not forget to regularly clean and moisturise the skin. These are the two most important rules.
6. Hair. Once a week should be applied to the hair nourishing mask. Wash your hair should be at least of their pollution.
7. Tune. The inner attitude is important. Be kind and optimistic.

Lovely woman, always be loved and beautiful!

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