Beautiful Teeth and Nutrition

Everyone wants to have a healthy and beautiful teeth. To achieve this, you need to adhere to certain rules of the diet for your teeth. So what should you do?

1. Power. To his teeth were strong, you need to eat well. Unfortunately, the modern women that can not boast, because I always sit on a diet. But do not abuse it, because poor diet in an instant effect on dental health.
2. Sugar. Everyone knows that the most harmful product to the teeth – is sugar. It has a negative impact on the state of the tooth enamel. Instead of candy is best to eat some fruit or vegetable. Such products are more useful, not only teeth, but also throughout the body as a whole.
3. Take care of your teeth. Always remember that the teeth should be protected from a young age. This means that a visit to the dentist should be regular. You should never try to crack nuts teeth. So you can break a tooth quickly. No less harmful to drink hot and then cold. Thus, cracks are formed on the enamel. As a result, the tooth can be completely destroyed.

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