Beauty and Harmony Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau is not just a beautiful woman, she is adorable. Her appearance is difficult not to admire. It seems that the star is perfect and there are not the slightest flaws.

So, let’s find out what secrets of beauty the actress knows and uses ?!

1. Cosmetics. Outside the filming, Marceau does not use makeup. In her opinion, there is nothing better than natural beauty. In the morning you need to wipe your face with ice cubes. This method tones up the skin well.
2. Oils. Instead of cream and emulsion, it is always better to use oils. They bring much more benefit to the skin. Note that oils are used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Celebrity was convinced of this by example.
3. Sports. The actress does not like to practice in the gym, but this does not mean that she ignores the training. She actively trains and works at home. Sport always helps to keep fit.
4. Diet. You can never put yourself in a rigid framework, because it makes people unhappy.

Lovely women, it’s important just to love yourself. This is a feeling that every woman should feel to herself.

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