Beauty and its essence

Beauty is a very ambiguous concept. First of all, it is the totality of all the qualities of a person.

At present, people are accustomed to create unique beauty standards, such as: external data, figure standards, beauty of an apartment, cars, etc. But this is not right. In fact, beauty is a very broad concept. If we see a “beautiful” woman walking along the street, a well-groomed, stylishly dressed girl – this is not a reason to admire and call her a beauty. The beauty of a person is in his thoughts, actions, and external data is not always the indicator.

Man is beautiful in his actions. No one thought why, when a small child did some sort of school, or behaved badly, adults tell him that he “behaves ugly”? It’s not just that.

The beauty of a person is manifested in his actions, in his behavior and attitude towards others. Beautiful people are often very kind, sympathetic and open in communication. Such people directly radiate light, and their actions speak for themselves. Such people are always responsive, they can really be relied upon in a difficult situation, and most importantly they will help and support you absolutely unselfishly.

Everyone can be beautiful

As we said earlier, “beauty” is a broad concept. In order to be a beautiful person, you need to put maximum effort into it. This is actually very hard work, and not only physical, to bring yourself into an ideal form, while receiving excellent external data, it is primarily work on oneself, your behavior in society and the attitude to the world around you. A handsome man is an educated, intelligent and kind person. Such people always aspire to something higher, and also more than others are able to really appreciate the beauty of the surrounding world, and in their turn aspire to create something beautiful, for example to write a good verse or a piece of music, which later will be appreciated by true connoisseurs .

To develop your “beauty” you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, to abandon bad habits, and also to develop by reading interesting books, to engage in any useful not only for yourself, but also for others around you.

For example, draw a picture and present it to an orphanage, and if you do it well, why not do it more often? Even if you do not have the data of a supermodel, you want to seem rude and brutal, but you can not pass by an old woman asking for bread, or just give way to transport – you are a very handsome man. And rudeness is sometimes just a defensive reaction of people. If a person is beautiful in heart, this will necessarily affect his external data, otherwise he can not be.

We create the world around us

True connoisseurs of beauty will always take care not only about themselves, but also about the surrounding people and, of course, about nature. The beauty of nature is that, unfortunately, today not all are noticed. However, it is nature that saves us when it’s hard and sad for us. It is enough to look around at the beautiful green trees, the bright summer sun, listen to the singing of birds, which enchants with its beauty. Is it not real beauty? And if you want to enjoy the true beauty of nature, you need just to be with her “alone.” Nothing connects us to nature as a walk in the forest. It is here that you can enjoy all its beauties, and the scent of pine trees, especially after the rain, is simply mesmerizing. And there is nothing more beautiful to watch as the snow falls, and mentally immerses you in a carefree childhood and immediately creates a holiday atmosphere. Nature is beautiful in all its manifestations at any time of the year.

But to preserve its beauty about it, too, one must take care. The best concern for nature on the part of man is to preserve its integrity and purity. Man, like nature, in order for everything to be beautiful, you need to monitor harmony. Your thoughts should be in harmony with your actions. All the beauty and greatness of nature you just need to learn to notice, and then people will learn to notice the beauty of each other.

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