Beauty before Holiday

Before going to the sea, the woman has to put himself in order. On the beach everyone wants to look at the highest level. Especially in a bathing suit, it is not so easy to hide figure flaws or appearance.

So, how to clean up before the beach season.

1. Sports. Sport must be addressed even before the beach season. Sign up for a fitness somewhere in March. With the help of physical activity can lead body in shape.
2. Hair removal. If you want to remove hair permanently, then you need to use the laser hair removal. Note, it should be done a few months before the holiday.
3. Hair. A week before the trip need to paint the hair. On the eve of this do also not worth it.
4. Nails. Bring your nails in order can be somewhere for 3-4 days prior to travel.
5. Cosmetic procedures. With regard to all sorts of cleansing the face, they also perform better than a week before departure.

Lovely woman, always be beautiful and loved by your men. All the procedures necessary to carry out the day before, so that the skin can recover. Besides, if the experiment fails, then all will be correct!

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