Beauty during Pregnancy

Every woman during pregnancy is experiencing an unusual feeling, because it is one of the most magical periods in life.

However, at this time women start multiple problems with the condition of hair, skin and nails. But that’s no reason to sit back.

So, how to be beautiful and attractive during pregnancy?

1. Hair. To hair shiny and healthy, you should eat a lot of fruit vegetables. In no case can not give up meat and seafood.
2. Nails. To the nails were strong, eat right and balanced. Include in the diet of cheese and cottage cheese.
3. Teeth. During pregnancy, the body needs a lot of calcium. If there is a deficiency, it is reflected on the state of the teeth. Eat more cheese and drink milk.
4. Body. To during pregnancy on the body did not appear stretch marks, you need to moisturize the skin well. This can be done using olive oil. Note also that it can be taken orally. This will be the prevention of stretch marks and constipation.

Be always beautiful!

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