Beauty in 30 Minutes

In the life of every woman there was a case, you need to come in a short period of time before the celebration. At such moments, women start to panic, because it seems that nothing will not have time to do. The most important thing to settle down and do everything step by step.

1. Shower. In the beginning, you need to take a shower to freshen up the body. Do not wash in hot water. It is best to use warm water, and in the end – cool.
2. Clothing. Choose clothes in which you go on holiday. The black dress and high-heeled shoes – you will always look stunning.
3. Makeup. A few seasons in fashion permanent «smokey eyes». Since you can make any man crazy by such makeup. As for the lips, they cover the pink best gloss.
4. Hairstyle. Place the beautiful hair. It can be light or high tail curls. Two options – a win-win.

So you’re ready. Do not ever worry. It is best to act. Now in the mirror will only please you. Ladies, be always beautiful.

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