Beauty in the details

Any woman knows perfectly well that if her manicure is not okay, then it’s better not to go out at all, but to try to find time to visit a master who will make nails perfect.

Thus, if you have some time to be surrounded by many people, then it is worth to think in advance every detail of your image, not to mention the nails, which were never considered a trifle.

After all, the first thing that draws attention to a stranger is, of course, its appearance, and when you have to come closer, the look involuntarily falls on the nails, which in itself gives some assessment of the woman facing you.

Therefore, in order not to be in a disadvantageous situation, it is better to always be sure of the impeccability of your image.

What manicure is now in the trend?

Of course, to say that every woman will be able to give preference only to those colors that are recognized as fashionable this season, it’s like making everyone do the same hairstyles. Therefore, stylists who develop new items in the field of manicure are always sure that their ideas will definitely be liked by someone. Therefore, you should try to do everything possible to follow the trends and what you will call the most fashionable manicure in the whole district. So, this spring will become popular, or rather continue to be a manicure in pastel shades. And although this year the colors begin to gain a little brightness and saturation, they still remain in a palette of calm colors. Different patterns, transitions, as well as drawings can only complement and adorn the overall composition of this manicure.

But if we talk about what is still a novelty, then most likely it is worth mentioning only the length of the nail plate itself. Indeed, right now, long and sharp nails are almost unacceptable, as it was several years ago.

Therefore, if you want to meet all the trends of fashionable novelties, you should definitely choose the length of the nail not exceeding five millimeters. As it is already well known and it can even be said that it has become traditional to decorate your nails in accordance with the approaching holiday. Therefore, in the summer, you can often find on the nails of girls greens and various floral arrangements, while with the onset of autumn they are replaced by yellow leaves and whole landscapes of autumn forest. In the winter, drawings can be changed from New Year’s motives in the form of snowmen, snowflakes and New Year trees, to hearts in honor of Valentine’s Day. And spring always marks the onset of a new life and the manicure after the winter becomes more vivid and rosy. Therefore, if you want everyone around you to consider you a fashionable beauty, you need to strictly monitor your manicure so that it does not cause confusion in the relationship.

Classics are always in fashion

Just like in clothes, manicure colors have their own classic options that will never grow old and go out of fashion. This is a French manicure, as well as a single-colored red nails. After all, when a woman wants to express her individuality, and also to show that she is quite independent, her nails will necessarily have a red color. This is the evidence that this woman is not going to listen to any advice about her appearance and lifestyle, and also behaves aggressively with those who try to get into her soul.

The red color of the nails can still indicate that the woman has some experiences, which she tries to disguise under the guise of self-sufficiency.

And only those who do not change their preferences and always choose a French manicure, can boast of stability not only in life, but also in the soul. After all, the calm shades of this coloring speak about self-confidence and in their capabilities. Most often, it is those who have achieved in their lives considerable heights, choose for themselves the French manicure. Women who wear such a palette of flowers confining themselves to only one white color, always know what they need from life and do not spray on trifles. They are stable and calm, and can also inspire confidence that everything will certainly be good. Therefore, if you prefer classics to novelties and trend coloring, then you in your life have their own position, which you are not going to change under any circumstances.

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