Beauty of Eyebrows

When a person sees the first time companion, his gaze falls primarily on the face. In this connection, it should always be in perfect condition. The skin must be fresh, healthy.

As for the eyebrows, they should always be well-groomed and neat. There is nothing worse than not plucked eyebrows.

So, how to make a correction of eyebrows?

1. Master. If you spend plucking eyebrows for the first time, it is best to refer to the master. It will give the eyebrows a nice shape. In the future, they can be to pull yourself. I must say that the top can not pluck his eyebrows because it can disrupt their growth line.
2. Form. To choose the correct form of the eyebrows, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. It – face shape, age of the woman. Thin eyebrows are no longer in vogue. Eyebrows should be ample.
3. Care. Eyebrows in need of daily care (as well as the whole body). They need daily brushing. To do this, you can buy a special brush. To make them grow better, you can use castor oil.

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