Beauty of Hair

Every woman wants to have long and beautiful hair. However, for some it is just a dream. Under the influence of negative factors, hair becomes dull and lifeless. As a result, they have to be cut. However, if the hair to provide a high quality, regular and proper care, you can grow your hair long and obedient.

So, what hair care is to provide each of the fair sex?

1. Moisturize. Hair as leather require regular moistening. This should be done both inside and out. Drink more water and use cosmetics with effects (masks, conditioners, shampoos).
2. Nutrition. To have beautiful and thick hair, you need to eat right. Eat right in enough fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, fish.
3. Hormones. If you have active hair fall out, you need to be tested for thyroid hormones. If the problem lies in this, no cosmetics will not help. In this case, you need to complete treatment.

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