Beauty Rules

091220164A woman wants to be beautiful no matter what time of the year on the street. To obitsya beauty Luba time of year, you need to take care of themselves properly.

So, what care is necessary to ensure the skin in summer?

1. Sun. The skin needs to be protected from the sun, especially in summer.
2. Basis. Summer face sweating, so you need to properly apply a foundation. Tone Cream should be transparent and have a light texture.
3. Eyes. From the liner in the summer should be abandoned, since it can spread and spoil the whole make-up. In the summer you can use a pencil and ink.
4. Lips. Lipstick should be chosen, which will protect the lips from the sun’s rays. Moreover, it should be matte, not pearl.
5. Waterproof cosmetics. For the summer the ideal choice – it is water-resistant cosmetics.
6. Skin. In summer, you need to clean the skin and tone.
7. Nails. Watch your hands. Nails and skin of hands should always be well groomed and neat.
8. Fragrance. Do not use the summer too suffocating spirits. Choose fresh scent.

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