Beauty Secrets of Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman – one of the most sought-after actresses. Directed by a dream that she has agreed to play a major role in their film.

However, in addition to her acting abilities, she rounded up a unique appearance. How it manages to be such a beautiful woman?

1. Walking. It is very important to carry out a sufficient number of daily time outdoors. Be as active as possible. Play games, go hiking and cycling – all of this is the key to beauty.
2. Power. It is important to eat a fractional. There is no need to burden the stomach. Besides, it is very important to give up salty, smoked, marinated and grilled dishes.
3. Sport. It is equally important to engage in sports. The body should always be fit. In addition – sign up for yoga. This will help bring thoughts in order.
4. Beautician. Regularly visit a beautician. Minimum cosmetic procedures will help to keep the skin in good condition to a ripe old age.
5. Smile and kindness. Be kinder and more likely to smile, even strangers.

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