Beauty Woman

291120161Every woman always wants to look beautiful, no matter where it is. But it happens that look beautiful is not so simple. This is because if a family history of financial difficulties, then buy cosmetics is not so simple.

What to do in this case, do not do without makeup? How can I save a little?

1. Tone tool. If you do not know, we’ll let – foundation can be done independently. To do this, you need to take an inexpensive moisturizer and foundation. Mix should be in equal proportions. Tone Cream get excellent quality.
2. Lipstick. Now in vogue effect lubricated lipstick. To achieve this you need to buy a normal lipstick and paper napkins. Apply the first coat of lipstick, then blot with a tissue. Then apply a second layer, and the result is delicious.
3. Combination. Learn how to combine expensive and cheap cosmetics. I must say that expensive means should always be used in the final stage. For example, the air conditioner on the hair can buy an expensive and well-known brand, and a little less shampoo.

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