Beer Helps to Lose Weight

No housewife does not subscribe to the fact that the cooking oil or butter should be replaced by beer.

However, even this seemingly unshakeable principle of cooking begins reviewed, making way for new ideas.

Some fans of a healthy lifestyle, and in particular a balanced diet, is already beginning to prepare individual dishes to beer, for example, chicken wings in beer batter with beer or fish.

Now back to the sunflower oil – British dietitian Toby Armidor offers oil change for a beer to limit calorie meals. In his words, the replacement of oil on a spoon a spoon beer lower calorie meat dishes and give them a taste.

He also believes that the traditional cooking of food lose vitamins overheating which occurs when using beer, since the temperature primarily degrades alcohol. In addition, the beer contained vitamins B, minerals phosphorus, magnesium and selenium, which will enrich the food and enhance its nutritional quality.

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