Benefits and Harms of Saunas

Everyone in their own way is stay saunas. It seems that everything must be perfect, because at this time the body gets rid of all harmful substances.

But we should not delude ourselves. The sauna can bring both benefit and harm.


1. Prevention of cardiovascular disease. The sauna is always dry air. In this regard, it is useful for the prevention of heart disease.
2. Colds. In mild cold – there is no better means than the use of the sauna. Such treatment may, if there is no high temperature.
3. Skin diseases. When skin diseases, the sauna has a positive effect.


1. Excessive use. Never be abused by certain things. Everything should be in moderation. This applies to the frequency of visit and time spent in the sauna.
2. Increased pressure. If a person has high blood pressure, then it should be discarded visiting a sauna.
3. Acute illness. If a person has an acute illness, in a visit to the sauna is best deferred.

As you can see, the sauna has its negative and positive sides. The choice is yours!

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