Blueberries for Brain Function

Every reasonable person understands that the most important organ in the human body, which must be protected, located in the skull called the brain. It is this body is the most popular part of the body throughout a person’s life from birth to death.

On how we care for the health of their convolutions with gray matter, will depend on our mental health. The best way to enhance brain health is the right food choices.

American scientists proved that the constant eating blueberries helps to improve memory and, surprisingly, its preservation throughout life. If there are handfuls of blueberries every day, and at the same time every day to memorize 10 lines of the encyclopedia (this is one of the exercises for the development of memory), the age you do not know what a memory loss. Incidentally, blueberries available to all and in any form: in the summer – the fresh winter – fresh frozen. Eat properly and not get sick!

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