Breakfast of Celebrities

Many women take the example of celebrities. This is not surprising, because these women always look luxurious. It seems that they have no problems with excess weight, or in their personal lives. But you always need to remember that this is a picture. And everything that happens in reality in the life of the stars no one knows.

From the stars it is best to take one example – this is discipline. In fact, women from the screen always look great. In this regard, I want to know how they eat in the morning?

1. Miranda Kerr. The model knows how to eat right. A sure proof of this is her figure. In the morning the star eats necessarily. At the same time, breakfast should be full. Boiled breast and stewed vegetables – an ideal beginning of the morning.
2. Natalia Oreiro. A well-known actress is sure that proper nutrition will bring more health benefits than a rigid diet. A hard diet is stress. And the body in a stressful condition will never allow you to lose weight. As for breakfast, there is nothing better than porridge and fried eggs.
3. Monica Bellucci. The Italian actress never sits on hard diets. She prefers to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right. In the morning run, and for breakfast – oatmeal porridge.

Be beautiful!

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