Bright Makeup

Currently, women prefer brighter paint. The first example that comes to mind – it’s red lipstick and smokey eyes. Now it is very popular and can be. Just want to say that it is not always appropriate. In addition, men like women who look more natural.

So what are the disadvantages of a bright make-up can be identified?

1. Finance. High-quality cosmetics of famous brands is expensive.
2. Cheap cosmetics. If you use cheap cosmetics, then this could cause substantial harm to the skin. In addition, apply makeup according to the rules will not work.
3. Funny kind. Sometimes women want to repeat the image of your favorite singer or actress, but they did not work. Ambient only laugh at this.

Lovely woman to properly apply makeup you need to learn more than one year. If desired, no one forbids it to do. There is another option – to turn to make-up artist. If you do not have the skill, it is best to opt for natural makeup. Good luck!

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